Do Turtles Have Beaks?

Turtles can be funny little creatures, but that is what makes them so unique and loveable. Turtles have strange, small mouths that sort of replicate the look of a bird’s beak. This can lead people to wonder, do turtles have beaks?The short answer is yes! Turtles and tortoises do actually have beaks. Turtles come in …

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Turtle Sounds

Turtle Sounds

Do turtles make sounds?It may come as a surprise to learn that turtles don’t actually have any vocal cords. You may have witnessed a turtle making a strange sound, or even videos online of turtles making hilarious noises.This is because, despite their lack of vocal cords, turtles are still able to produce a huge range …

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Do Turtles Have Ears?

Turtles do not have ears that you can see, but this does not mean they do not have them. Instead, turtles have internal ears that are hidden from view. They are almost impossible to notice without close inspection and adequate training. Turtles can still hear what is going on around them. Their internal ear bones are …

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