Do Turtles Fart? How Does it Sound and Smell?

Yes, this is a question many have asked. It is common for turtle owners to see ripples in their turtle’s tank. After you see them, the only logical question is do turtles fart? 

So, do they? 

Yes, turtles fart, like any other creature with a digestive tract. It is just a simple build-up of gas in their body. It can come from the food they ate or the air they have swallowed during the day. Nevertheless, if you want to know more about this process from a turtle’s point of view, read the article below. You will find the answers to all of your questions. 

A Turtle’s Excretory System

The excretory system of every creature is meant to pull all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals out of the water and food that the organism has eaten earlier. Turtles are slow and their excretory system is very slow. 

While the food is processed very similarly to our excretory system, the food is digested by the stomach and all the nutrients are pulled into the intestine, the water is processed a little bit differently. 

Have you ever seen a white powder coming from your turtle? It is actually uric acid! Yes, turtles do not have urine because, as they are living in very warm and often dry environments, they pull all the liquid they can. So, if you see the white powder, don’t worry, it is just a waste. 

The best thing about their excretory system is the fact that they are pulling all the nutrients out of the food you give. Therefore, turtles won’t have any deficiency if you are giving them the right food every two or three days, they will just suck all the nutrients from it with no problem. 

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How Does a Turtle Fart?

a drawing of a turtle fart

Farting is a normal process that is often related to the digestion of food. Turtles, like us, are omnivores. Therefore, they consume a wide variety of food every few days. Some foods are easy to digest, and some are really not. The foods that are hard to digest release some gases after a few hours. These gases are, basically, the farts you hear and smell. 

Another cause that leads to farts is the swallowed air during the breathing process or eating. Air bubbles are going into the digestive tract and, connected with the gases that are eliminated by the indigested food, are coming as farts. Also, the gases can be produced if the absorbing capacity of the digestive tract is blocked somehow because the nutrients are starting to decompose and this process leads to the presence of gases. 

Is it Healthy for Turtles to Fart?

Yes, it is absolutely healthy for a turtle to fart. It is a normal process that shows the activity of the digestive tract. However, there are some particularities to talk about here. 

First of all, if your turtle is farting a little too much, it can show that your diet is too heavy for your turtle. Like I said earlier, some gases are eliminated by the indigested food in the digestive system. Therefore, it is a fact that the more farts are coming, the more food remains indigested and can lead to serious digestive tract problems. 

If you see that your turtle is farting a little too much and you believe this is the problem, there is a very simple and plain solution. Just don’t feed your turtle some heavy products for 3 or 4 days. It won’t lead to malnutrition, it will just help the digestive tract eliminate all the unprocessed foods.

Also, after you have discovered that your turtle’s diet has led to these complications, try and change it a little. Add more fiber, get some of the rich-in-carbohydrates products out and always combine protein-packed foods with some high-in-fiber vegetables. Also, remove the products that contain oxalic acid and dairy from your turtle’s diet and try to just feed it with healthy, nutritious products. 

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How Does Diet Affect A Turtle’s Bowel Movements?

Diet is practically everything for a turtle. It controls every process in your turtle’s life and can cause serious health damage or serious health improvements. Therefore, the diet is affecting your turtle’s bowel movements directly. 

There are some things to do in order to avoid massive farts and other unpleasant things. The first thing to change in your turtle’s diet is the number of carbohydrates it consumes every day. They are bloating the intestines and are very heavy for your turtle to digest. 

Also, you should avoid dairy products. Turtles don’t have the necessary enzymes to digest them so, after a day or two, they will start to decompose and cause some really smelly farts and bad indigestion. Moreover, smelly farts and bad indigestion is the best scenario, there are some other, more dangerous things that can happen if you feed your turtle some cheese. 

Last but not least, avoid oxalic acid-containing products. They will block the capacity to absorb the nutrients and they will just lead to indigestion, smelly farts, and other things. Furthermore, if you continue to add oxalic acid-containing products to your turtle’s diet, it can lead to its incapacity to develop hard shells as the calcium won’t be absorbed anymore. 

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Are Turtles Farts Loud?

No, they are minuscule. The turtles are not as big of a creature for their farts to be as loud as ours. However, if you are near the aquarium and your turtle isn’t swimming, you can hear a little fuss and even smell them a little. But it isn’t very possible. 

Are Turtles Farts Smelly?

Yes, turtle’s farts can be very smelly. That is mainly because of their not-so-balanced diet. If your turtle is eating healthy foods and receives all the nutrients it needs and doesn’t have huge surpluses, its farts won’t smell bad. 

However, if you are giving your turtle a lot of carbohydrates, dairy products, and veggies that contain raffinose, a sugar that cannot be broken down by your turtle’s digestive system, its fart will smell bad.  Yes, the thing is in its diet, not other things, just diet. 

Gasses Contained in Farts

The farts usually consist of hydrogen, methane, and a mall amount of hydrogen sulfide. The last one is responsible for all the smell that a fart brings. However, the fewer carbohydrates a turtle consumes, the less of this gas is produced by its digestive system. So, again, if you are giving your turtle some high-quality products and you made a well-balanced and well-diversified diet, the farts won’t smell at all and there won’t even be any farts, to begin with. 

Do Turtles Fart out of Their Mouths?

No, turtles do not fart out of their mouths, it is a myth. Turtles just yawn when they have to deliver more oxygen to their brain. Instead of farting through their mouth, turtles do that through their butt. This is because their butt has cloaca, a multipurpose cavity that helps with both reproduction and excretion. That is also where the farts are released. 

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Now you know more about how a turtle’s excretory system work and how turtles fart. Turtles, like any other organisms, have their digestive tract and the same need as any other being. The need to fart is one of the most important of them. 

Dorothy Razo

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