Do Frogs Have Hair And What Type Of Hair Do They Have?

There are many different types of frog species across the world, approximately 7,400 different types.

Some people might think that frogs have lots of hair, but are they just getting it confused with something else which appears like hair? 

Do Frogs Have Hair And What Type Of Hair Do They Have?

Frogs are really interesting creatures. Not only do they have interesting looks, but they also have interesting habits.

This guide will be covering where some species do have some type of hair or if it is something completely different. 

Do They Have Hair? 

Frogs physically cannot have any type of hair or hair follicles because it would affect their physical functions they need to be able to live.

Their skin is the most important part of their functioning because they need their skin clear for breathing and drinking. 

However, they do have hair-like structures called cilia which might be confused as hair. Wolverine Frogs have trichome dermal papillae, which is why some people think that frogs do have hair like other animals. 


Frogs have Cilla which are hair like structures, but actually aren’t. They cannot be seen from the naked eye because they are so tiny.

Their function is actually to protect the frogs skin and also helps them fly across the water.

When the frog is swimming in the water, they need something which helps them propel across the water which is what Cilla helps to do. 

Frogs’ Skin

Frogs skin is very similar to other water mammals and very similar to a dolphin. They will never be able to grow hair on their body because they don’t have hair follicles or strands.

They tend to be very slimy and moist and touch and have very delicate skin. 

Frogs are cold-blooded animals which means that they do not need hair to regulate their body temp because they can use their surroundings instead.

They are actually clever in the sense that when they are too hot they will move to cooler areas in their surroundings.

When they are too cold, they will try and find somewhere warmer to raise their body temperature. 

Why Don’t They Have Hair? 

If they did have hair, it would be much more of an annoyance for them because they are aquatic creatures and hair wouldn’t slow them down in the water like other aquatic animals.

There is also the fact that they use their skin to breathe which would mean would only get in the way of this important function. 

Not Necessary

Animals have hair for physical functions which help them keep warm or even for aesthetic reasons like humans. However, because it is not necessary for frogs to have hair, they don’t. 

Hair would actually be quite fatal for frogs to have because thick layers of hair would actually stop them from performing physical functions they need. 


Frogs are not humans where they have their own breathing systems and organs to help them breathe, they actually breathe through their skin.

This is the same when they are on both land and in the water. They absorb the oxygen in the air and in the water to help them function and breathe. 

Having hair would actually block this process from happening because they wouldn’t be able to absorb the oxygen from the water and air. 


Their skin is permeable and also uses the same function to be able to drink and keep them hydrated. They can also use their skin to absorb moisture from other surfaces in their environment.

They can get it from soil, water and air. This is very important to keep them alive and functioning properly which is why hair would never be appropriate. 

If they were to have hair, they would be very dehydrated and wouldn’t be able to stay alive for long.

All animals are made a certain way to suit their living situations and have adapted to their environments. 

Are They Any Hair Frogs?

The Wolverine Frog or Wolverine Toad is a species of frog native to Australia. It is a medium-sized toad with a large head and prominent parotid glands.

Wolverine Frog is a small frog native to Australia which has adapted to living in the harshest environments on Earth.

It is a powerful and fast swimmer, which makes it a great frog for scuba diving. Wolverine Frogs are frog species that are part of the poison dart frog family, Dendrobatidae.


Overall, when it comes to frogs, they are like any other animal in the world. They have specific features which help them survive and they aren’t able to if they have extra features like hair.

In the wild, frogs are prey for a whole host of predators, from snakes to birds to mammals. But in captivity, they are also prey for predators like snakes, birds, and mammals like all others. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand why it is important that frogs do not have hair and how it keeps them breathing and absorbing their drinking resources.

However, not all frogs are the same because there are thousands of different species and maybe ones we don’t even know about yet. It is rare for frogs to have hair as we know it.

Dorothy Razo