Can Turtles Eat Lettuce

A healthy and beneficial diet for a turtle should include all the needed nutrients and vitamins in order for your little pet to thrive. Now, you may think that lettuce is the best option for that. Turtles love leafy greens, right?

So, the question is, can turtles eat lettuce?

The short answer is yer. However, it really depends on the kind of lettuce you plan to feed your turtle with. There aren’t toxic types of lettuce, but there are some with no nutritional value at all. Iceberg, for example, is mostly water. No nutrients, no vitamins.

If you want to know more about the lettuce you can feed your turtles, read the article below. Enjoy! 

Is Lettuce Good for Turtles?

There is no poisonous or toxic lettuce that can harm your turtle in any way. Romain and radicchio lettuce are, for example, packed with nutrients, and vitamins and, on top of that, are delicious. The problem with lettuce is its lack of nutrients in some types of it. 

Iceberg, one of the most popular types of lettuce, has no real nutritional value. It is made of water, no vitamins, no minerals, no proteins, just water. This type of lettuce can be used with only one purpose, occasional snacks, that’s it. You can’t build a diet based on iceberg lettuce, you’ll just get your turtle malnourished and unhealthy. 

However, the biggest problem with lettuce lies elsewhere. The chemicals used to grow the lettuce are the real danger for your turtle. While malnutrition can be compensated with other, more nutritious products, chemical poisoning cannot be treated as easily. Therefore, you must be very careful with the lettuce you feed your turtles. 

Lastly, if your turtle is a primary carnivore, it is normal for them to prefer meat other vegetables, and greens. Don’t be surprised if your turtle won’t want to eat the lettuce you’ll give it, just mix it with some meat and it should make the deal. 

Types of Lettuce to Feed to Your Turtles

two types of lettuce growing in the mud

As you may already know, there are many types of lettuce that can be fed to your turtle. While all of them are somehow beneficial for your turtle, we will talk only about three of the most popular types, roman, iceberg, and radicchio lettuce. 

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is the most beneficial type of lettuce not only for your turtle but even for you. It is literally packed with vitamins and nutrients that will enhance your turtle’s growth. 

Not only does romaine lettuce have plenty of vitamins and minerals, but it is also loaded with fiber. This will help with digestive problems that your turtle may or may not have yet. 

Besides digestive problems, romaine lettuce helps with respiratory and circulatory problems, enhances the immune system, and is just a nice source of beneficial nutrients. 

Iceberg Lettuce 

While romaine lettuce is loaded with nutrients, iceberg lettuce is a little bit different. It is simply crunchy water, no vitamins, no minerals. 

Iceberg lettuce can’t be used as a main dish for your turtle as it has no nutritional value at all. It will just lead to malnutrition and very serious health problems, nothing more. 

Nevertheless, you can use iceberg lettuce as an occasional treat if your turtle loves it. Just make sure you add some very nutritious fruits to your turtle’s diet. Fruits like bananas and vegetables like carrots will do the magic. 

Radicchio Lettuce

Radicchio lettuce is also a type of lettuce that is loaded with different vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It is the best lettuce to build your turtle’s diet around. 

Combined with other fruit and some protein-packed products, radicchio lettuce will provide all the needed nutrients for your turtle’s health. It will provide both the nutrients and the fibers necessary for a healthy digestive tract. 

You just have to keep in mind the fact that radicchio lettuce is often grown with a lot of pesticides and other chemicals. Just make sure you wash it thoroughly before feeding it to your little pet. 

What Part of the Lettuce is Best for Turtles?

There are some types of lettuce that cannot be fed to turtles. Not because they are toxic or lack nutrients, but just because the turtles cannot eat them properly. Here is a little more information about it. 


While stems are as nutritious as the leaves, they are way harder and stronger than the leaves. Therefore, they are hard to eat and swallow for little turtles. 

If you want to feed your turtles some steam, there are two ways you can choose from. You can either cook them a little in order for them to get softer or just chop them into very little pieces. Both ways are great and work perfectly for turtles.


Leaves are the parts you are probably feeding your turtles and that is the right way. Leaves are both nutritious and very easy to eat. Also, there is no choking hazard if you chop the leaves not as small as needed, they are soft and crunchy. 

From my experience, turtles love leaves more than stems. However, if you don’t want any food waste, you can feed them both. 

How Much Lettuce Should I Feed My Turtle?

Turtles are known to be very grabbing. It will eat as much lettuce as it can. Therefore, you need to dose the quantity not only of lettuce but also of other foods that you are giving your turtle. 

As for lettuce, in particular, turtles can eat it every day once a day. However, the exact quantity of lettuce depends on the size, age, and type of turtle you have. Also, it is important to know if your turtle eats other vegetables and fruits in order to know the number of nutrients it gets every day. 

You can try to feed them a piece of lettuce that is about the same size as their body. It should be considered a big meal and the turtle will be more than happy to eat an entire piece of lettuce. Just make sure it isn’t iceberg or spinach. The lettuce should be both nutritious and tasty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most popular questions on this topic. 

Can I put Lettuce in My Turtle Tank?

Yes, you can put lettuce in your turtle’s tank. Just make sure that you take the remaining pieces that your turtle hasn’t eaten. You don’t want them to rot and make the water unhygienic for your little pet friend. 

Also, remember to wash your lettuce properly before putting it into the tank. It can have some dangerous chemicals that will get into the water and slowly poison your turtle. 

How do you Feed Turtles Lettuce?

There are some ways to feed turtles lettuce. You can just give them a whole leaf, they will eat as much as they want by just ripping some pieces apart. 

If your turtle refuses to do that, you can make a salad where you combine different, chopped types of lettuce, fruits, and other vegetables. Your turtle will absolutely love it. 

Can a Baby Turtle Eat Lettuce?

Yes, baby turtles can eat lettuce. Just make sure you chop the lettuce small enough for them to swallow it easily. 

Can a Turtle Eat Only Lettuce?

Yes, turtles can eat only lettuce. However, it won’t be the best diet as they have to eat some protein-packed products. Also, try to add some sweet fruit into their diet. A well-balanced diet is a diverse diet. 


Now you know that lettuce is probably the best product to feed your turtle. It doesn’t have any negative impacts on your little pet, especially if you choose the right type of lettuce.

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