10 Best Wildlife Posters And Prints To Add To Your Collection

If you love nature and wildlife, then having posters and prints of both in your bedroom or all over your place is a given.

10 Best Wildlife Posters And Prints To Add To Your Collection

And while posters and prints on nature are hard to put in a list as they can cover from mountains and seas to ponds and lakes, sharing with you the 10 best wildlife posters and prints to add to your collection was something we could (and did) do.

So, keep scrolling to see what we have in store for you!

The 10 Best Wildlife Posters And Prints You Can Find Online

1. Elephant Poster

If you are an activist who doesn’t simply put posters on their walls without them carrying an important message, then this elephant poster is the next one to add to your collection.

This poster, with the main message being “Massacred in the name of greed!” is so simple yet so powerful that it needs to be in the room.

Titled ‘The Elephant In The Room,’ it adds even more meaning to the topics it raises by using this phrase with its metaphorical meaning but, in this case, with a somewhat literal one as you will indeed have an elephant’s eye looking at you in the room!

2. Disappearing Animals Posters

Another environmentally conscious poster collection, Disappearing Animals was a poster project completed by Robin Wood, an environmental organization.

Highlighting how humans’ overexploitation of nature has led to the disappearance of wildlife, it is an incredible work of art that can be added to any minimal or maximal room design.

With the message ‘Destroying Nature Is Destroying Life,’ this deer that is slowly disappearing will

3. Surreal Animal Poster

A surrealistic work of art, this poster is something that can immediately draw people’s attention and one that even you will stare at with wonder for days.

The colors of a zebra are washed off of a bull’s body with the water coming from an elongated and hose-like elephant trunk that’s being held by a bird.

4. Bear Lake Poster

A faded bear’s face is used as the ‘frame’ for a lakeside landscape that emerges from it.

The serene look of the bear and the peaceful feeling you would get from such a place blend perfectly in this simple yet captivating print that you turn into a poster.

5. Watercolor Giraffe Poster

If you love giraffes but don’t want something too eye-catching in the room, this discrete watercolor giraffe poster is perfect for you.

While you can add it in your bedroom or living room area, its subtlety would make it look really good in a large kitchen or even in the smallest of bathrooms, depending on the size of the poster you’ll go with.

With lots of pale-ish colors, it can give an artistic touch to your poster collection.

If you are a painter or have friends who are painters, then rest assured that they will largely appreciate how meticulously painted it is.

6. Sea Turtle Poster

Lovers of the underwater world and the deep seas are bound to love this sea turtle poster.

For beachside houses or people who want to feel as if they are by the sea, this is a perfect addition to their posters collection.

With the blue color dominating the poster and with the addition of some green and yellow, you can easily match these colors with those of your furniture.

7. Cheetah Print

Colorful prints are very modern and perfect for artful rooms. This one, with pink hues and a dark yellow cheetah in the middle of it.

If you love bold colors and want to add a statement piece to your room, this might be it.

If you have plenty of them, then this is a great addition to the collection.

While most people might fall into the gender trap and associate this poster with girls’ rooms, do not be afraid of adding it to your collection or even hanging it on a wall if you are a man.

8. Wild Buck Poster

Wildlife and nature are inextricably linked, and art knows best how to show that. This poster of a deer does not just present the animal.

The deer are drawn entirely by trees; the tree trunks are the deer’s neck, the crowns are the nose and eyes, and the branches are the antlers.

A grey and black poster can be added to a black and white collection or be used as decoration in a minimal white or black room.

9. Tiger Face Poster

Tigers are one of the most humbling and magnificent wildlife creatures and having one’s face staring at you is certainly astonishing.

This poster is all about the penetrating look of a tiger whose blue eyes are even more accentuated by the dark leaves surrounding its face.

With some pale rose flowers around its face too, what might seem to some like an intimidating look is softened and becomes a lovely and warm addition to rooms and collections.

10. Black Hare Print

A black hare in between red, silver, and golden wheat plants and falling leaves is the autumnal-style print everyone should add to their collection.

With warm colors that can make a room feel cozier, it is a print you can add to your living room, right above the couch or fireplace.

The Bottom Line

Every single one of the posters and prints in this article has its own story to tell.

Both those that are more elaborate and thought-provoking and those that are simpler will add something new to your collection.

Regardless of whether you are displaying your collection around your home walls or keeping it in a room, the only thing for sure is that all 10 of them will make your walls or collection look better!

Dorothy Razo